To Sign Or Not To Sign?
After three years in college, Lawrence Roberts thinks he's ready for the NBA. In the next few weeks he hopes to find out if the league is ready to employ him. Roberts, the reigning SEC player of the year, has experienced more adversity and success than most college athletes. Last summer, Roberts made the decision to leave behind a Baylor program ravished by tragedy, and transferred to Mississippi State. His moved paid off as he led the Bulldogs to a SEC regular season championship and was named SEC player of the year.
Forget To Regret
As a young impressionable fat little kid I, like Michigan basketball, peaked at the game of basketball during March of 1992. While the Fab Five were making headlines and changing the game, I was merely using my two handed 12-foot bank shot from 12:25 to 12:55 ( that's recess) at Saddle Rock Elementary. Yet, when I put on the baggy maize shorts with the block letter "M" I felt like I had the invincible powers of C-Webb, Jalen and Juwon.
A SERGE of Power, Beauty, and Grace
Jordan. Worthy. Perkins. Vince. Twan. Stack. Cunningham. Daugherty. The rich tradition at Chapel Hill evokes feelings of class and grace, of a soft sea of Carolina Blue, of immense success and multiple national championships. UNC is college basketball.
FAQ's From A Real Cameron Crazie
Littyhoops draws on some nepotisitc ties to give you an inside look at K-Ville trip
A Hawk Hill Love Affair
By Jack Hartman
Of the nineteen years I’ve been alive, I have never seen my father cry. He’s like a Rambo really; a man’s man. At age 48 he still pumps iron every other day in our basement. He has a construction job, drives a huge pickup truck and loves to barbeque. He also is an alumnus of Saint Joseph’s University. I never really knew when or how I caught St. Joe’s fever, but I am pretty sure my first words were “dad”, then “mom” followed by “the hawk will never die.”
FAQ's From A Real Cameron Crazie
Littyhoops draws on some nepotisitc ties to give you an inside look at K-Ville trip.
Sweet 16 Rankings: Part II
As the Ides of March are in sight LittyHoops revisits our rankings of the Sweetest 16 ballers not in the Association or on the And 1 streetball tour. The performance of these players in the upcoming weeks will go a long ways to determining the fater of their respective higher institutions. Remember, as always LittyHoops is biased and a kid with a little spunk and a flair for the dramatic will trump your favorite NBA prospect any semester.
Steve Wojciechowski Announces New Nike Coaching Shoe
A Jon Miller Joint
Following in the, er, footsteps of rookie phenom Lebron James, former Duke basketball player and current Blue Devil assistant coach Steve Wojciechowski announced yesterday a new brand of coaching shoes to be unveiled by Nike.
Sweet 16 Rankings: Preseason
The idea of an "All-American" team was cool in the middle of last century when Forrest Gump could be drinking Root Beers with JFK. Here at LittyHoops we distinguish who can play by coming up with the Sweetest 16 college basketball players in the game. Remember, as always LittyHoops is biased and a kid with a little spunk and a flair for the dramatic will trump your favorite NBA prospect any semester.
A Rough Draft
LittyHoops can prophesize as to Lebron's impact, Darko's skills or if Lampe and Sweetney can invigorate the hapless Knickerbockers but these topics are already played out. Instead learn about the value of the draft and the wisdom behind certain types of draft selections.
Forget to Regret
...last week when I heard once again that the entire Fab 5 was a non-existent farce, I couldn’t help but feeling betrayed. I realized that Weber wasn’t wearing baggy shorts to create a uniform trend better than throwbacks; he merely needed some deep pockets to hide all his dirty cash...
All Is Fair In War And Hoops
The Madness That Allows us to Enjoy the "Madness".
Bubbling Hoops
It’s the beginning of March and for some teams this means its time to take a bubble bath. Like zits on a teenage boy’s forehead, bubbles are meant to burst. So without further ado, LittyHoops gets down to business...
The LittyHoops Amendments
Littyhoops believes the college game is better than ever. Parity in most of the major conferences has made the regular season league game more exciting...
Sunday’s showdown against in state rival Michigan State at Crisler Arena is the most hyped, anticipated and intriguing game in my four years at this sunny metropolis we call Ann Arbor. Michigan (12-6, 5-0) has miraculously run off a string of twelve straight victories (currently the second longest win streak in the nation), and is looking for lucky 13 against the Spartans (10-7, 2-3).
Who Woulda Thunk It?
The Twists and Turns that make college basketball better then Warm Apple Pie.
LittyHoops Favorite Ballers
They're not yet pros. For some this is the most famous they will ever be. You have more money then them. Yes, they have scholarships, but you probably have rich parents. Anyway, if your going to root for an athlete, take a look at some of these guys.
Suspended St. John's Basketball Players Recruited By Colorado Football Team
A Jon Miller Joint
The Pittsburgh sex scandal that saw five St. John's basketball players team kicked off the team for carousing with an alleged prostitute after a night at a strip bar turned out to be nothing more than a University of Colorado football recruiting trip, inside sources reported today. "This was all just a big misunderstanding," said Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett. "Those are good kids, and they weren't hanging out at a strip joint after a loss or partaking in some sex party. They were being recruited."
Jarvis Doesn't Jive
Can the Red Storm continue to compete amongst the elite college basketball programs across the nation?
Will Johnny Be Good?
Can the Red Storm continue to compete amongst the elite college basketball programs across the nation?
Man-Hatten Time to Shine
Throughout this epic drama that we call life, certain sapiens have transcended our species and achieve the impossible, and thereby inspire the masses to believe in the virtuosity of mankind. Moses chilled in the desert and Noah built an Ark. Columbus found a hemisphere and Revere was a determined equestrian. Einstein’s bright and Audie Murphy brave.

But sitting in a Acapulco bar with six Mexicans who were watching horses, I saw truth. A boy from Baltimore with a crooked jumper and a Tupacian smile brought down an empire more evil than the Babylonians, (in the Mecca of Sports no less) and even on the brink of world chaos, LittyHoops realizes that all is, and will always, be well on Earth.

Ambiguous Storm Warning in Effect
Um, is St. John's good. Besides the steller play of Marcus Hatten is there any other worthwhile ballers on the squad. It's not good that the Red Storm players are as desirable as the names on the roster of the professional club that the Johnnies share their home court with, the dreadful New York Knickerbockers.
Red Storm Primed to Make Their Marcus
MARCUS, MARCUS, and more MARCUS. Last season, led by do-it-all guard Marcus Hatten the Red Storm surprised many doubters by winning 20 games and receiving a bid to the NCAA tournament. With 4 starters returning, a deep bench intact, and the arrival of a true NYC point guard in lefty Elijah Ingram, the Johnnies are poised to make a run for the Big East title.
A Malik Sealy Tribute
A yet to be discovered LittyHoops wrote this piece shortly after Malik Sealy tragic death on May 20, 2000. I can't remember if I ever used the essay for a class or if it was just a bit of cathartic prose that helps one make sense of this chaos we call life.