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Here at LittyHOOPS, one thing is for certain.  We live and die by the Redmen. The December night that Malik Sealy had a triple double, dropping 43 against Central Connecticut State. We all remember when Erick Barkley, a lanky city kid who was in the middle of a NCAA controversy (just cause he actually pimped a whip) came into Cameron and silenced the Crazies.  There's Louie C, Mullin, Berry, Felipe, and Artest.  So how far will the critically acclaimed Hatten Show take the Johnnies in this day and age?


Man-Hatten Time to Shine
4 W's, 150 points, a tourney MVP, and an NCAA bid? 
It can't really happen; but this ain't reality it's the Marcus Hatten Show

Tomorrow afternoon St. Johnís will be playing a talented Notre Dame squad in the first round of the Big East conference tournament.  Even after winning their last three games, the Storm finished the regular season with only a 15-12 (7-9 in the Big East) record.

Mike Jarvis and the Johnnieís faithful had high expectations after beginning the season by winning their first five games.  But once St. Johnís started to compete against a higher level of competition the teamís flaws were exposed.  Their play inside was inconsistent and they lacked a scoring threat in the post.  Freshman Elijah Ingram never found his stride playing with Hatten, a shooting guard who is better with the ball in his hands.  Their shooting was suspect at best and often dreadful and besides Hatten they had no other player who could create their own shot.

Hatten performs under the bright lights of Broadway.

But just as it seemed that St. Johnís had given up on the season, after losing 6 of 7 to tread at .500, all true fans were reminded why they love the Johnnies.  Marcus Hatten brought his team back against Duke at the Garden and finished the game by making a spectacularly chaotic steal with time winding down and was fouled at the buzzer.  Hatten calmly stepped to the line, sunk his foul shot, and then exploded with joy as the scoreboard read 73-72 and the clock a beautifully symmetric 00:00. (Read LittyHoops Ode to Marcus)

Since then Hatten has brought joy back to Johnnyville.  He torched Rutgers for 44. You must realize that Hatten scoring 44 is not the same, as say Allen Houston going for 44 at the Garden.  Hatten invents ways to score only after the ball goes through the hoop.  He drives with both his right and left hand, fades away for jump shots from acute angles, double pumps on three pointers, and uses the glass as he pleases.


Big East Conference Tournament

St. Johnís is confident that they can make a run deep into the tournament.  They have a tall task in front of them though.  No team has ever won 4 games to win the Big East title.  Furthermore, St. Johnís would probably have to beat Notre Dame, BC and Pitt just to make it to the finals.

St. Johnís has locked up an NIT bid with a winning record.  To gain an NCAA bid they would probably have to win the Big East crown (possible at large berth if they win 2 or 3 games).

Notre Dame, although 22-8, is reeling after losing 3 of 4.  They have yet to face St. Johnís and its all-conference guard Marucs Hatten.  The Irish are a better team than the Johnnies.  They have a dynamic point guard in Chris Thomas, accurate sharpshooters on the wings, and aggressive, athletic big men.  But the Johnnies have the greatest show in college basketball in Marcus Hatten.  If he goes off, who knows what can happen?

So who better to ask than Mr. Man-Hatten himself.  Take it away Marcus:

"Until I win a championship, I won't be completely satisfied," says Hatten "I'm taking the trophy home - St. John's is winning the Big East championship. You all remember that. When St. John's wins the Big East, I'm taking the trophy home to Baltimore."

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