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FAQ's From A Real Cameron Crazie
Littyhoops draws on some nepotisitc ties to give you an inside look at K-Ville trip

LittyHoops' Special Sibling Contirbution

Q: What is K-Ville?
K-Ville, which is short for  Krzyzewskiville, (which is long for our beloved coach's faithful)  is the tent city that hundreds of duke students build each year. This two month endeavor begins in late December, before second semester classes even begin. Every tent is allowed 12 members, and someone must be in the tent at all times. Although the Crazies like to get a head start, official tenting doesn’t begin until February 1st, at this time, “official tent checks” begin by Donald Wine and his staff of line monitors. For the first two weeks of official tenting, 8 of 12 kids need to sleep in K-Ville per night. For the rest of the time only 2 kids need to stay per night.

Q: How do they know if you are in K-Ville?
Tent Checks can be called at any time day or night. They are often called at 2 or 3 in the morning. When this happens, you pick your drunk-self up and show a line monitor your Duke ID. After that, you use your grace period or free time (granted after 1 hour after every check and during men’s and women’s games) to rush to Rick's, the all night diner, and get a really greasy omelet. You then come back to the tent and pass out. Other kids, (and by other we mean dorky) go inside to finish their homework. If you miss two checks you are booted to the back of the line.

Q: What is it like the nights before the game?
In general, weekends in K-Ville are the shit. You are given social grace between 10 and 2 so you can still make it to bars like shooters and p-zods or just hang out in section. Then at 2 in the morning, everyone comes back to their tents and the after party begins. Although this is fun, it can’t compare to the nights before the game. That is when all 12 kids need to be in the tent between 9 pm and 8 am. This is because the line monitors will call personal checks. You need to make three of five in order to get in. Duke often plans activities for these nights. This includes showing classic games on a huge screen, setting up basketball hoops and providing live music. The area of K-Ville has almost 1500 kids in it – partying and having a good time.

Q:Does Coach K ever talk to the crazies?
Before the Maryland and UNC games, Coach K gives a speech and answers questions among a crowed of star-struck fans. He asks that his words be confidential so all I will say is he is funny, sincere and weary of the flaws of his fellow Polock's. He will also randomly treats all of K-Ville with pizzas and T-shirts. He’s the man!

Q: what do you do on game day?
You wake up at 8 am to get your wrist band, which declares your spot online. Then it's nap time so that we can rest our brains, emotions, and livers for the game. About 3 hours prior to game time you come back to K-Ville and you start to paint. There is an endless supply of blue and white body paint circulating K-Ville. Go Duke and variations are painted on chests throughout the crowed. Finally an hour and a half you are let into Cameron.

Q: What were some of the cheers?
Before the game students are given cheer sheets that say cheers against the other team and in favor of Duke. For the regular players:

• Duhon =Du Du Du Duhon
• Horvath = Horvath of the hill people (SNL skit)
• JJ = J.J. Redick – dynamite
• Sheldon = Pay your rent
• Luol = from the windows, to luol

For the UNC kids in particular:

• Rock Chalk Jay hawk KU – just like they do in Kansas
• Benedict Williams
• Manual (point to UNC) Automatic (point to JJ)
• When the opposing players are introduces, we usually say “hi (name of player)” but this time we did “hi (name of Kansas player they would be matched against)”
• During UNC foul shots, the grad section held up hundreds signs of matt douroughty’s face
• Go to hell Carolina go to hell

Q: Were the Crazies clever?
A bunch of kids dressed up as the characters in the wizard of oz in order to remind Roy Williams that he’s not in Kansan anymore. In fact, the wicked witch of the west had a home made pair of ruby slippers which he put on Roy Williams seat before the game started.

A bunch of boys painted their chests to say McCan’t in response to McCants

Perhaps the funniest thing was one student dressed up in Carolina gear from head to toe and pretended to be Sean May. He had signs that he kept on rotating. They said things like “feed me,” “I ate matt doherty,” “hug me, I’m cuddly” and so forth. Before the game started he stood in front of all the crazies with a sign that said “Carolina Training” then a boy came out with a fishing rod with a cheeseburger box attached to it. The duke student chased the box as if he were a wild animal. The crowed went nuts. At another point he stuffed his face with cotton candy which also amused the crazies

Tons of shirts were made ranging from “go to hell Carolina” which might as well be uniform in Durham to “I agree with Roy, I don’t give a shit about Carolina.” Others include Cameron Crazies and FUCAROLINA.

Q: What was it like inside?
The students inside Cameron were so loud that it didn’t even sound like screaming anymore. Every UNC position duke students were jumping. Some of the bleacher seats even broke. The non-student section also stood at many points. With the help of Crazy towel guy, and students cheering “stand up” the entire place was out of there seats for the last five minuets of the game. A clever student made a sign that said “I’ve slept outside for 2 months; you can stand up for 4 minutes.” I can’t describe in words what it was like.

Q: Did you rush the court?
Because Duke Students are better than everyone else, they don’t rush the court. In the past five years, every time duke has lost the opposing team has rushed the court. The only time duke students rush the court is for a national championship. After the game however, the senior students talked to the crowed. An emotional Duhon thanked the crazies and as did Horvath (of the hill people) for helping him with his physics homework. That’s right, that dude is English and physics double major. SHIT – I can’t even pass econ. After that everyone rushed to the quad and burned the benches around campus. It was awesome.

Q: Any other fun facts?
•Donald trump, bobby Hurley, and grant hill were all at the game 
• Littyhoops jr. spoke to Dicky V.
• Grant Hill talks to Luol Deng 2 times a week
• J.J. was out drinking really late before the game
•500 kids couldn’t even get into the game

That’s it for now –


Q: What does a duke student and a UNC student have in common?
A: They both applied to Duke

Q: Why don’t they celebrate Christmas in Chapel Hill?
A: You cant find a virgin and three wise men


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