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The Madness That Allows us to Enjoy 
the "Madness"

War is unexplainable and irrational.  The reality of war makes the reality of sports seem like the reality of day time soap operas. Confrontations of the current magnitude aren't caused by Sapp's loud mouth, Chaney's stare or Artest's hack.  Instead, our way of life is threatened in such an awesome manner that it is necessary for some to take the ultimate risk of life in order to preserve life.

On the brink of war in the Middle East, I was enjoying a thrilling and enjoyable weekend of "March Madness" with my pops and best buddies.  Are these different worlds or is the terror of one necessary for the preservation of another?

Perhaps we go to war to protect the sacred institutions and joys of life that we so often take for granted.  Perhaps it is fitting that the generated drama of the NCAA tournament unfolds at the same time as the real life terror of battle.  

It is beautiful to live in a world where drama is maneuvering down a court with a basketball in seconds to attempt a game winning basket.  If only every "battle" could be a double OT game between Gonzaga and Arizona.  Heartbreak is satisfaction if caused by a blown Milwaukee lay-up.  Trouble would be grand if all you needed was four fouls to get a heap of it. All families should have the chance to be proud of their own in defeat like the Paulding's (all 8 of them with their #23 Mizzou jersey's sitting a few rows away) were of their son Ricky and his heroic performance.

I myself enjoy taking college road trips to Bracketville, USA to overdose on basketball.  I enjoy spending mindless time with pops and my friends at the EconoLodge.  I enjoy watching my best friend FREAK OUT over his bracket with a red pen.  I enjoy coming back to campus and even before unpacking, getting all liquored up to head over to the bar.

Life is meant to be enjoyable and hopefully it is. Littyhoops salutes and supports those in the midst of battle so that the rest of us can watch college hoops.  Hopefully they'll be home within one shining moment.


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