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Johnny Be Bad

The Ghosts of Johhnies Past are the only spirits occupying the bench these days.

Once upon a midnight dearie, Elijah, Abraham and his crew of ghetto-prophets decided that getting hosed by Pittsburgh wasn’t enough action for one winter’s night and went out on the town (the town referring t0 McKees Rock, Pennsylvania, no less) to really get Hoes-ed. We all know that lap dances are a tease, and furthermore Chris Rock took the cat out of the hat when it comes to the Champagne Room.

The Johnnies couldn’t believe their outrageous fortune when they met of all people, a girl from their beloved queens, whose questionable character was all the more to their liking. But one thing leads to another. No need for us to compromise our journalistic integrity and get X-rated (If you really must know, there is video camera phone footage of the ensuing sins).

The moral of the story my young reader is…when camping out under the shady tree, remember to bring your techno-gadgets locked and loaded.

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