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Steve Wojciechowski Announces New Nike Coaching Shoe

A Jon Miller Joint

Following in the, er, footsteps of rookie phenom Lebron James, former Duke basketball player and current Blue Devil assistant coach Steve Wojciechowski announced yesterday a new brand of coaching shoes to be unveiled by Nike.

Wojciechowski has been mum on the details, especially on what the name of the shoe will be. Market analysts believe that "The Wojciechowskis" doesn't have a marketable ring to it. The prototype of the new Wojo's was originally named the "Not-Quite-Bobby-Hurleys," but that name has since been phased out. An inside source at Nike confirmed to Littyhoops today that the leading name is currently "The Whining Flop," based on Wojo's ability to draw a charge and complain to a referee.

"The new 'Wojciechowski' coaching shoe will revolutionize the way washed-up point guards return to basketball to coach," said one Nike official. "When wearing this shoe, a person will have the ability to walk into another person, fall on the ground and complain like a small child. Seriously, Wojo was on his back more than Paris Hilton on a Friday night."

And just as the new Lebron-James-inspired Nike Air Zoom Generation was modeled after a Hummer H2, the new Wojciechowski's will be modeled after Wojo's personal vehicle: the Dodge Status.

"Dependable, durable, with front and side cushion systems not unlike the Stratus safety airbags," said the Nike official. "The Dodge Stratus really reflects Wojo: not very fast, a tendency to break down and substandard fuel economy. People are going to love this shoe."

The Wojo's are scheduled for release next March for an estimated price of $25.99.

Wojciechowski declined to comment on the shoe.



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