Freedom Fighter

I'm back in the states and I'm pretty much over the blog but a few people told me it needs closure. Below is an email from my friend Guy (Israeli that I befriended on birthright) detailing my last day in Israel and our trip to the gun range. I got a lesson from a passionate german-israeli instructor and fired mini uzi's and glock handguns.

"...Which brings me to the next part of my tale.. Guess who came around my 'hood on his way back from traveling Europe with Jen, his name starts with a B and everyone called him Blaze?

That's right! 'Twas the Blaze hisself.

'Course, he timed his arrival on the dates I was in Eilat, so I only saw him
on his last day here. Took him to an Indian lunch (the real Indian, not Native Americans. Stupid Columbus, they're not even vaguely similar! Didn't he watch Bollywood movies?).

The place was established by Israelis that spent a few months in India, then came back and created an atmosphere that tries to mimic the experiences they went through, which was hanging out, eating, doing drugs and having sex. Kinda like the 60's, I guess. Basically they just put lots of mattresses and couches together, and cook the food right there. Was actually pretty good.

Anyway, I don't remember how it popped up, but he said that he never fired a gun before, which is weird for me cuz I fired my first gun at 15, but whatever. So I took him to the olympic gun range in Hertzliya, and he got a weapons instructor\guide all for himself. What a character... the guide was old-school, and had a personal quest to make sure every Jew that came under his tutelage would be able to react under extreme circumstances.

Ths made for an interesting combination. Take one Blaze, which is as laid-back as you can get, pair him up with a prosthetic-legged, 50-year old moustached ex-paratrooper, and you'll get a Blaze shooting a mini-uzi on automatic while having Alla Akhbar screamed in his ear. Now that's something to remember..."


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