My return to Eretz Yisrael

Right now I'm back in the holy land, staying at Beyda's. It's nice to be in Israel for a bunch of reasons.

1) The weather is perfect. It's been in the low 70's and sunny the last two days and I've hit up the beach twice. This is a welcome reprieve after sightseeing through Europe in bitter cold, rain and snow. It got especially bad over the last 10 days as we continuously got stuck in the rain in Rome and then had to fight off hail storms in Amsterdam.

2) I have my own room! Beyda has a two bedroom apartment so i get the royal treatment in the guestroom. After months of sleeping in crowded hostels, floors or couches of friends and friends of friends, overnight train cars and squished in a bed with my platonic friend Jen.

3) It's a nice way to chill out before i return to the real world and have to figure out what to do with my life next. Tel Aviv is a great city, with a young and hip vibe and great places to eat, drink and hang out.

Tomorrow I plan on going to see Maccabi Tel Aviv play basketball. They are the reigning champs of European Champions League and excited to see what the Atmosphere is like in the arena (supposed to be awesome). Unfortunately, Hapoel Tel Aviv, the team of the one and only MARCUS HATTEN (the leading scorer in the Israeli league no less) does not play this week. I have mixed feelings as it would have been amazing to see my idol play in person, but at the same time there is no way hatten can live up to the fantasy i have created, and no need for my heart to be crushed only days before i come home.


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