Check out this emai below....

Im in israel now but almost went back to florence instead , upon invitation by the wonderful alix colby, and be the new BGB, already got the name.

Basically these girls went from "who the heck is this kid on our couch" in florence to "we love you litty" and stay with us forever after a weekend in interlocken.

Im not the hearthrob that colby and troy are, and Im not the funny man greenblatt is (their rumor is he sucks when his girlfriend is around though) but i almost pulled off the old guy on the couch move.

Subject:COME BACK!!!!
Date:Thu, 02 Mar 2006 06:16:33 -0500


Please come back... This is our last attempt to get you to move in with us. Andrea spruced up the skank room for you and it is ready and waiting...

Don't worry, we have you sweater and we will keep it safe (if you come live with us it will be yours in a jiffy!!!)

we really miss you and let us know your plans,

Love you tons,
Your favorite girls


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