My last few days

I'm in a Kinko's in London right now and fly back to israel in a few hours. I haven't written in a hot sec but will do a brief rundown now and try and add some good stories later.

I arrived beaten and battered in Interlocken last friday night. I met up with Alix Colby and her friends at Balmers Herberge (hostel) who rolled in their crew of 50 to switzerland for the weekend from florence. A few girls and I went to a Swiss pub of some sorts across the street and had a dandy time. We were the only patrons under 60 and nobody spoke English. But on this cold, snowy, Swiss alpian night I feel like we bonded with the locals. Perhaps it was the free rounds of beer, perhaps it was the nine-finger man that shared a dance with Alix or perhaps it was the girls turning the night into a karaoke party with splendid renditions of the Beetles "Let It Be", perhaps it was the state of our minds. Anyway, too bad nobody had a camera because their were some amazing pictures begging to be taken.

The rest of the time in Interlocken was pretty mellow. We stayed at Funny Farm, which is supposedly this awesome hippy commune. It didn't seem like anything that great but i guess the best time to go is when the weather is warm and some recent legislation makes partying a bit more difficult in the town.

I didn't really do anything extreme (Interlocken is know for sky diving, bungee jumping, etc.). Jen, Justin and Marni went canyon jumping, which is like bungee jumping but better. I was too sore from skiing, too big of a pussy, too lazy and too broke to do it.

I did go on a hike with me and myself to some castle ruins across the river. But then my groin cramped up and I got lost and was about to cry before i found a bus station and got a ride back to the hotel.

From Interlocken we took an overnight train to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is exactly what you want it to be. We quickly got ourselves immersed in the culture. Went to Van Gogh museum, Ann Franke Haus, and walked the Red Light Districts (Hookers in a window -- why didn't my entrepreneurial mind think of that). Food in Amsterdam is amazing

Best foods in Amsterdam

1) Dessert Pancakes with ice cream
2) Dessert Waffles with ice cream
3) Anything next to a coffee shop
4) Anything edible

Last night i took the train to Brussels and stayed over for a day, ate some waffles, and then flew to London this afternoon. Next it's on to Israel.

I got a bunch of good entries planned that hopefully I'll get to in Israel. Jen flew back to NY today and Marni and Justin are somewhere in Italy (god knows what is going to happen to them.....they open a subway door and give each other a high five for accomplishing something on their own!)

I'm glad to be resting in tel aviv for a few days. Got to get my brain firing on the right cylinders again. Otherwise, i would have gone back to great neck for a few days - broke out a map of middle neck road, walked to the saddle rock gristmill and the Persian mansions and then taken the LIRR to managed to look for a hostel.


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