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Here you view the college basketball web site for the true aficionados.  The ones who are forever hoping that this is the year when the #16 seed knocks off Duke.  Or that a walk-on will win an OT game on ESPN by nailing a bank shot three as the horn buzzes. You are one of the 515 students who have bought season tickets to watch Michigan.  Your dreams consist of Lebron coming to your school for a year.  The Play-In game, you watch that.... and you don't even bet on it. No matter what time of year, you know exactly how many days till March Madness.
This site is for you. 






For now LittyHoops is a not for profit, not for any productive purpose ( other then giving  college kids with too much time on their hands something to do, and college basketball fans something to read). If you would like to contribute to LittyHoops.com before it dominates the entire world give us a holla at Litty@LittyHoops.com

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