Burn London, Burn

I've been in London since Wednesday afternoon. All in all, I'm pretty impressed with this place. The city is huge, and seems more interesting and diverse than NYC. Jen and I spent the first two day seeing the sights, walking around London Tower, going to see the changing of the guard (kind of an unnecessary tradition) and walking through Harrod's.

We spent the first night in a hostel in Piccadilly Circus. Went to take a nap at 6pm but didn’t wake up until 8am the next morning. Now I feel like a normal person again and can actually hold conversations and even look somewhat awake at times.

Last night Jen and I met her friend Colin at a bar after he got off work. Drinking escalated pretty quickly. I passed the tribirion challenge which involved gargling sambuca.

The highlight of the night, other than eating burger king late night, is when we got our new middle-aged drinking mate that we met at the bar to go wild. It started when a certain Littyhoops made a plea to all the working men of london to take off their ties and kick back. One guy goes to me "not only will i take off my tie but i will do one better than that" and he rips off his shirt and starts to light his chest hair on fire. I have pictures that I will try and upload.

Today, is a chill day so far. Went to the mall in the countryside with Colin and then went bowling. We are going to meet another one of Jen's friends Kate in Redding in a few hours.

By the way, should i be worried that I have absolutely no plan after tomorrow? Travelling, hotels, etc. -- i got nothing. I want to be in Paris on Sunday -- currently have no mode of transportation. I just kind of assume if i don’t do anything and be as lazy as possible the decisions will make themselves.


Blogger Perry Meltzer said...

Wow Hoops...just when I think my life couldnt possibly feel anymore mundane and ordinary you go on an enlightening life changing journey and remind me how boring I really am. Have a sick time and keep this blog updated on the regular. Hearing your tales gives me hope of an alternate universe where people enjoy life. Peace Geez.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Jon Hillman said...


Sounds like u are having a blast...very happy for you and jealous....still lookin into some sort of australian move myself....anyhow if u get this the easiest way to get to paris from london is a train thats pretty cheap and will take u right there....from paris try to hit up Barcelona and go to the Burger King at the bottom of "Las Ramblas" and snap a photo- where berf and i lived way back when....also try to hit up chinqua terra in italy, pretty ridic and also make it to the funny farm in Interlaken, Switzerland.....keep enjoyin the trip, it certainly is the time of your life. Holler son,


p.s - u make it to amsterdam? find a coffee shop called "Easy Times" is amazing reggae spot u will enjoy

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

nomadic brother
when you call me during the day call me at work, I don't get cell service in my office...212.789.2133

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Stacy and Andrew said...

hey b-
andrew and i are enjoying your stories. would like to know more about the "tribirion challenge"! have fun in paris and give those french people hell!
cousin stacy and andrew

9:07 PM  

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