L-Hoops and friends make the senior year roadtrip to South Bend in the fall of 2002. High hopes, painted faces and plenty of shot-gunned beers made for a festive tailgate. Unfortunately the Maize and Blue crashed harder than the bicycle Da Bweety chucked into a three story dorm (not shown in video).
Although Vant knows that the C-walk is a toy that should never be played with, this rendition of the Boca V heel-hop brings 701 "Up In Smoke". Instigation/narration by "Da Bwetty" and creative camera work by Litty.

The Dope at his dopiest, Weino The Rhino, Swamp Tray, Litty and Colby digest their dessert one random weeknight at the Pink House.

Litty is ridiculed for his uninsightful out of the box rambling analysis of baseball statistics but gets the last laugh as he sucks everybody into the drama of Tony Gwynn at the plate.

A pathetic attempt at basketball is on display for the celebration of L-Hoops' 22nd birthday. Lowlights include Haber's air balls, Dick Bruskoff taking it coast to coast, Kosh showing his versatile inside-out game, and the bird-man Triz flinging set shots.